above the level

над нивото

English-Bulgarian polytechnical dictionary . 2013.

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  • above sea level — above the level corresponding to the surface of the sea …   English contemporary dictionary

  • above ground level — The height of an aircraft above ground level. Also known as absolute altitude. It is measured by a radio, radar, or laser altimeter. When an aircraft is required to fly at a certain height above ground level, the AGL refers to its average height… …   Aviation dictionary

  • above obstruction level — The height of an aircraft above terrain, structures, and obstacles in the area of operation. The height is nominated for aircraft carrying out very low flying. Pilots either take into consideration heights indicated on maps and charts when… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Above ground level — In aviation and atmospheric sciences, an altitude is said to be above ground level (AGL) when it is measured with respect to the underlying ground surface. This is as opposed to above mean sea level (AMSL), or in broadcast engineering, height… …   Wikipedia

  • Above Ground Level — AGL, altitude above the surface of the Earth, height above the ground …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Above The Market — An order to buy or sell at a price set higher than the current market price of the security. Examples of above the market orders include: a limit order to sell, a stop order to buy, or a stop limit order to buy. This is a strategy that is often… …   Investment dictionary

  • above the water — adv. higher than the level of water; managing, coping (in a certain situation or under certain circumstances) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • above-the-line publications — The upper level publications in the hierarchy of joint publications which includes capstone, keystone, and other key joint doctrine publications that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signs and are intended to be used by combatant… …   Military dictionary

  • on the level — (informal) GENUINE, straight, honest, above board, fair, true, sincere, straightforward; informal upfront; N. Amer. informal on the up and up. → level * * * phrasal : bona fide …   Useful english dictionary

  • on the level — adjective Honest, sincere, straightforward. He looks like a used car salesman, but hes really on the level, so you can trust him. Syn: above board, on the square, on the up and up, square, straight …   Wiktionary

  • on the level — informal Syn: genuine, straight, honest, above board, fair, true, sincere, straightforward; informal upfront; N.Amer.; informal on the up and up …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

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